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Sebastian fic: Masterpost

There isn’t a heck of a lot of Sebastian fics yet, obviously, but I thought I’d start a masterpost and add recs as his character grows (as in… when we actually get Sebastian air time. Soon. Soon. xD)

Feel free to give me a link if you find something good!

Edit: Okay, I admit I haven’t been adding to this because…reasons…but didn’t think deleting this would be too constructive either so. Leavin’ it here.

Anything At All - pommes1 (Seblaine)

Sebastian and Blaine are in college just studying for their French class. Sounds innocent, right? It would be if you were to remove all of the unbearable sexual tension on the room. But that wouldn’t be much fun then, would it?

Don’t Trust What You See On Facebook - sebklainers (Klaine with Sebastian)

Inspired by this picture of grant gustin.

Parasite - sebklainers (Kurtbastian)

Inspired by a) this Sebastian promo pic and b) [the author’s] pouty-ness at why Sebastian didn’t go after Kurt.

Skip the Charades - sebklainers (Klaine with one-sided Seblaine)

Blaine hangs out with Sebastian. Pretty much. Yeah.

Of Blood and Broken Backstories - aglassfullofhappiness yes I do feel weird putting myself on here (Seblaine)

In which Sebastian really is that Sadie Hawkins guy, and Blaine discovers that nobody - not even Sebastian - is invincible.

In Da Club - kaley (Seblaine)

In which Blaine makes bad decisions that are actually kind of awesome.

Uptown Girl Reaction Ficlet - princessblainers (Seblaine)

Warnings: Underage drinking and infedelity.

Stretch ‘em Like Rubber Bands - chayya (Sebklaine. Literally.)

Everything is better with threesomes.

You Always Hurt The Ones You Love - blaine-button (Seblaine)

A few months in the lives of Sebastian Smyth and Blaine Anderson. (Future!fic, angst)

Kurt The Cockblock - lustinforgustin (Sebklaine)

Have some sexy threesome-esque stuff in the back of a car and Kurt forever being a cockblock ~

Blastian Porn - hadeonmehader (Seblaine)

[The author] accidentally Blastian porn. (Basically smut at the gay bar).

Let’s Make A Deal - blastiankum (Seblaine, Kum)

Sebastian needs help and he knows just who to turn to.

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