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On school-imposed semi-hiatus thing

Cedes | 17, sir | NZ

Things we should do together:
Pilot a Jaeger
Enroll in Starfleet
Join the Avengers
Pretend we're not into hockey
Learn how to get away with murder

Enjoy :)

Yeah, so I’m not manically reblogging Prom spoilers like I thought I’d be

Firstly because I haven’t actually watched it yet,

but secondly because OMFG THERE IS JUST SO MUCH DAMN AWESOMENESS THAT MY HEART CAN’T STAND IT OMG DO I EVEN NEED TO START ON THE KLAINE OR EVERYTHING SINGLE AMAZING FUCKING THING THAT I’M GETTING HERE which is basically the whole episode, thanks guys, look at the efficiency of Tumblr spoilers.

Can’t wait to watch it on Friday

Only prom gif I have right now, oh Blaine y u so amazing